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Value added logistics


Warehousing, frozen, value added logistics and if necessary the arrangement of transportation in one. We take care of everything. You retain insight and overview with management reports and online insight into stocks.

Efficiency in detail

You have real-time insight into your stocks and its movements. With EDI data is automatically exchanged with customers and carriers. All very efficient. The result is higher quality at lower cost.

Added value

From relabeling to promotions on the floor of the retailer. We deploy our knowledge and capacity to sell your frozen foods better and faster. You can turn to Frigologix for the development and/or implementation of scoring promotional ideas.





Frozen foods

Frigologix delivers your frozen products at the right time and place throughout whole Europe. But there’s more. Product+ is value added logistics from Frigologix.

Relabeled ice cream

Arrange a giveaway to boost the sales of your ice cream. We take care of the new packaging with an explanation of the action and a unique code that consumers can fill in on your website.

Party fries

These fries with party garlands attract the attention of consumers and provide sales to celebrate. They could be in Dutch and Belgian supermarkets soon.

Beach ball

Is your product almost expired? A value-plus special helps you to sell your stock. These beach balls are an example of a Product+ special that Frigologix can develop for you.

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