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Happy customers, that’s what we’re working for

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Frigologix opens own petrol station

On 16 October, Frigologix’s own petrol station was officially used for the first time. This is the latest step in optimising our processes. The construction of the petrol station provides several advantages, both in efficiency and for the environment.

On the road with a full reservoir

Reinier van Elderen, director of Frigologix, talks about the decision to build an own petrol station: “Trucks used to leave Frigologix fully loaded, but they still had to go and fill up their fuel reservoirs somewhere else. Everything put together; that took a lot of time. And drivers had to wait with us while the goods were being loaded. Now that we have our own petrol station, their reservoirs will be full and they can use their waiting time more effectively. That makes our processes even more efficient”.

Better for the environment

Aside from efficiency, Frigologix’s own petrol station is also good for the environment. Reinier: “The truck drivers have to drive less miles, because they don’t have to take a detour to fill up. And less miles automatically means less exhausts of particulates and CO2. This fits within our goals of working as durably as possible”.

Would you like to know more about our petrol station? Or do you want to fill up at Frigologix? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Frigologix opent tankstation in Lommel

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