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Happy customers, that’s what we’re working for

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Frigologix gets IFS-certificate for food and logistics

In June, Frigologix was officially certified according to the standards of the International Featured Standard (IFS). We got this certificate for both Food and Logistics. The IFS-certificate is an addition to our durable vision and guarantees the quality of our service.

Quality at the highest level

Over the past few years, Frigologix has worked hard to lift the quality to the highest possible level. Before, we were already certified according to the ISO 22000 standards. The IFS-certificate takes this to an even higher level. The standards include a broader and stronger package of requirements, for both the food safety and the logistics.

Acting in accordance with the standards

Amadé Rieffe, Site and Quality Manager with Frigologix, talks about the IFS-certificates. “To get these certificates, we have to comply with even stricter requirements. First of all, the documents have to be completely in order. Aside from that, it is important to comply with the laws and regulations concerning food safety. But the most important thing is to act in accordance with the standards. This means that the employees should follow the rules in every aspect of their work.”

Transparent about food safety

Frigologix has received both Higher Level certificates. This means we obtained a score of 90% or higher for all checked points. Amadé: “We always want to offer our customers the best quality. We are very transparent about this. If customers want to stop by to see how we work, they are always welcome. Because of the certificate, they can trust that we really have our matters in order”.

Durable vision for the future

Getting the IFS-certificate fits within Frigologix’s durable vision for the future. By already meeting the high standards for food safety and logistics, we are prepared for the requirements of the future.


Would you like to know more about the certificates? Do not hesitate to contact us.

View the certificates here:

IFS-certificaat food

IFS-certificaat logistiek

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