Happy customers, that’s what we’re working for

Diepvrieslogistiek Lommel Frigologix

Thinking along with our customers is our highest priority

Diepvriesopslag Lommel Frigologix

Happy customers, that’s what we’re working for

frigologix diepvries
Frigologix Reinier van Elderen directeur
Reinier van Elderen
Frigologix Halil Tilkioglu
Halil Tilkioglu
Shift Supervisor
Frigologix Natasja Hendrickx
Natasja Hendrickx
Office Manager
Frigologix Ann Loos
Ann Loos
Finance Assistant
Frigologix Steven van de Paar
Steven Van de Paar
Co-Packing Manager
Frigologix Jonathan van Braeckel
Jonathan van Braeckel
Manager IT beheer/Safety coördinator
Kwaliteitsmanager Amadeus Rieffe
Amadeus Rieffe
Quality Manager
Frigologix Logistics medewerkers
Thomasz Marcinek
Office Assistant
Medewerker Immanuel Beernaert van Frigologix
Immanuel Beernaert
Shift Supervisor
Huseyin Altuntas is medewerker bij Frigologix
Hüseyin Altuntas
Frigologix Logistics medewerkers
Jolin Dophemont
Site Manager
Frigologix Logistics medewerkers
Kristof Steen
Office assistant
Frigologix Logistics medewerkers
Evelyn Weigel
Office Assistent
Frigologix Logistics medewerkers
Eliza Midlner
Office Assistent
Frigologix Logistics medewerkers
Marie-Cécile Darquennes
HR officer

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