Duurzaamheid Frigologix diepvriesopslag


Frigologix has been using green energy for a long time now. In addition, we have invested in control systems that allow us to use energy as efficiently as possible in the refrigeration installation. This results in a substantial energy saving every day.

By combining various cargos of customers, we ensure that substantially fewer kilometres are travelled in the Western European distribution of fresh and frozen products.

The up-to-date stock analyses that we provide our customers with result in smaller stocks. Our reporting approaching shelf-life dates ensures that considerably less food is wasted.

Solar panels have been installed at the warehouse in Belgium, which we use to generate our own energy. This means that we have a smaller impact on the environment.

Waste management is a KPI for Frigologix. We separate our waste flows and record destination and quantity. Our objective is to produce less and less waste.

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