Optimisation of the logistical process

Frigologix facilitates a part or all of the logistical process for diverse fresh or frozen products. Consequently, Frigologix has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience. We know what the best practices are and our customers profit directly from this. We can make the logistical process overseeable and identify precisely where optimisation is possible. With these improvements, which relate to the quality of the process, you can offer your end-customers a better logistical performance. In addition, we realise efficiency improvements that result directly in lower costs.

A quick win in costs can be realised, as Frigologix combines cargo from various customers in one lorry with its partners. In addition, Frigologix positions itself as Benelux-specialist with frequent deliveries in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. Therefore, the customer only needs to maintain 1 stock for 2 markets. Deliveries are also made several times a week at groupage level to France and Germany.

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